Terms and Conditions

Store owner:
Scrapbooking Polska Andrzej Łoboź
ul. Szarych Szeregów 28
40-750 Katowice
VAT #9542425982

Wholesale sales representative in English language: mobile phone +48 793 795 888, email: wholesale@scrap.com.pl
Warehouse: mobile phone +48 796 836 146

We only sell wholesale to active online or brick-and-mortar stores with scrapbooking, creative or hobby products.

To register your store, please set up your account in our wholesale store and send email with your business details to the email wholesale@scrap.com.pl. We'll activate the account and enable ordering once we verify documents.

Order handling time:
Typically we dispatch wholesale orders within 2-5 days.

Shipping costs:

Shipping is free for courier service.

We estimate shipping cost for every order separately, basing on the weight/dimensions of products being shipped and country of destination. You need to place your order so we can estimate costs. The shipping costs will be presented to you for your approval.

All duties and taxes are on the buyer.

We offer 0% VAT on all products and shipping fee if you have active EU VAT number.

Additional information:
You are free to use our pictures and descriptions of products in your store. These pictures are signed with watermark "Latarnia Morska" logo. You can't use these pictures for other reasons than selling and promoting products, you're neither allowed to remove the watermark.

We declare, that products available in wholesale will not be sold with discounts greater than 10% of their regular price in our retail store.